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Business Line is your monthly business barometer, brought to you from Dubai.

In this edition, we find out about Rotor Deconstruction, a Belgian company inspired by the circular economy that transforms construction waste into desirable products in an effort to cut waste and reduce imports.

We also take a look at ‘Pitch Up In The Sky‘, an event held in Dubai and the first of its kind: a collaboration between Tiktok and the Gritti Fund, which had young entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa making business pitches seconds before skydiving over Dubai.

Also, Hamleys in London is celebrating its 260th anniversary this year. The toy store is hoping for a big Christmas despite the COVID-19 pandemic, as families enjoy intergenerational play while spending more time at hom

Read full article here: https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/30/the-circular-economy-taking-elevator-pitches-to-new-heights-and-getting-in-the-christmas-s

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