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AI-powered mental wellbeing tracker, uMore, raised the investment from TheVentureCity acceleration programme, while holding the distinction of being the first UAE startup in the programme.

uMore, a UAE-based startup specialising in digital health screening, has announced it has raised $120,000. The startup received this investment from TheVentureCity accelerator, an international venture acceleration programme built by Laura González-Estéfani, Facebook’s former Head of Growth.

Founded in December 2020 by Maria de Freitas, uMore uses machine learning and digital phenotyping to offer users accessible and personalised mental health care. The startup shows promising results, having onboarded over 3,000 users in the months since it launched and claims that early users show improvements within just two weeks of usage.

Find out more on: https://thecairoscene.online/Business/UAE-Based-Healthtech-Startup-uMore-Raises-120-000-for-Scale-up-Plans

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