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International Finance Business Desk – The healthtech has raised around $120,000

Healthtech startup uMore became the first UAE-based startup to be accepted to join TheVentureCity, media reports said. The product-led growth programme is an international venture acceleration programme built by Laura González-Estéfani, Facebook’s former head of growth, mobile and partnerships for Latin America. The startup has also raised around $120,000.

Maria de Freitas, co-founder and chief executive officer at uMore told the media, “We are very excited about the opportunity that TheVentureCity gives us, not only to validate our work but also to scale at super-sonic speed.”

“What we’re most looking forward to is that the program has a product-led growth approach, and that’s strongly aligned with our values. At uMore, we learn by continuously iterating, which allows us to test our hypotheses in real-time. We invest in experiences to drive growth, and we prioritise impact over effort. We believe that together with TheVentureCity’s global community of best-in-class, technology-focused mentors, the sky is the limit.”

Read more on: https://internationalfinance.com/umore-becomes-first-uae-startup-theventurecity-accelerator/

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