Are you stressed out? Feeling tense, irritable and just not happy anymore? All of us get stressed sometimes. The effects of stress take a toll on our daily lives and make us desperate for some stress relief!

Think about the times you’ve been stressed. Did it change what you were thinking about? Dampen your peace of mind and happiness? The effects of stress go far and deep, especially if it persists over a period of time.

Coping with stress can be a challenge, even though it’s a natural response to life’s highs and lows. Seeing important changes happening around us, whether good or bad, activates our brains to send electrical signals to our bodies so they can react quickly. This is known as the “flight-or-fight” response – our survival technique.

Sadly, the effects of stress are not all good. Over time, ongoing stress keeps our bodies on high alert. This affects our mood and well-being, making us irritable, tense and unhappy. At this stage, stress relief is vital to stop the downward spiral!

If you feel you’re not coping with stress, we have great news! uMore has many exercises to help you manage your stress levels. In this stress relief programme, we have a wide variety of thought-based exercises designed to help you cope with stress by limiting the impact it has on your thinking. Find the full programme on our uMore app, an AI-powered mental well-being tracker that helps you build positive habits, change behaviours and share your progress with friends, family and physicians.

Download the uMore app and take a real step forward in beating stress today!

Written by Maria de Freitas

Written by Maria de Freitas

Maria is the Chief Executive Officer of uMore, the AI-powered mental well-being tracker.


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