Do you overemphasize the importance of negative events in your life?

As humans, we have a tendency to focus on the negative parts of life – even at times forgetting about the positive parts. For example, we have all heard the words “good job” countless times from others. While it feels great in the moment, we often tend to later forget these kind words. On the other hand, when we get negative feedback, oftentimes we dwell on it and stressfully obsess over what it means for us, likely over-emphasizing its importance. This is a classic example of producing stress and anxiety by focusing our attention on the negative. When we reflect on our actions and think about potentially stressful future challenges, it is very important to not overestimate the importance of negative events in our life. Equally, it is very important not to underestimate the positive events which happen either. Each challenge will demand a unique approach.

Reflection can help put things in perspective and reduce our stress or anxiety.



Written by Alejandro Serrano Saunders

Written by Alejandro Serrano Saunders

Alejandro is the Chief-Scientific Officer of uMore, the AI-powered mental well-being tracker.


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