When stressed, have you ever felt like you were perhaps a little more restless or anxious than usual? A bit less patient with your loved ones?

Stress can not only have an effect on our emotional well-being, but also on how we think and perceive the world around us. If our stress-fueled thoughts are full of worry and negativity, the outcomes of these thoughts are likely to generate even more stress. This is a positive feedback loop that we do not want to have.

Stress can have all kinds of negative effects on our emotions. Let’s change that.

We, however, have it within ourselves to overcome the challenges of stress! By being in control of our thoughts and perceptions of stress, we can begin to take control of its outcomes and our own wellbeing. In this program, we are going to learn a series of emotional regulation exercises we can do when stressed, so we can always be our best selves in face of its challenges. We will learn to identify when our thoughts are creating more stress for ourselves and how to evaluate our stressful thoughts and consider if they truly represent the actual situation. We will also apply problem-solving techniques to manage stressful situations, while developing our confidence in our own ability to manage our level of stress. Download the uMore app with the link below to begin!

Written by Alejandro Serrano Saunders
Written by Alejandro Serrano Saunders

Alejandro is the Chief-Scientific Officer of uMore, the AI-powered mental well-being tracker.

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