It is quite common to maintain an inner dialogue with ourselves throughout any given day. Have you experienced this? Have there been times where your inner dialogue lifts you up and others where it drags you down? We call this self-talk.

Without realizing it, we tend to have an ongoing conversation with ourselves throughout every day. This self-talk can sometimes manifest positively and at other times, negatively. When we cook a delicious dish, we might think to ourselves “I made a great tasting meal,” which is a form of positive self-talk. However, sometimes the self-talk takes shape as something more pessimistic. If we commit an error at work, we may think “I am so useless,” which is a form of negative self-talk.



Take some time to reflect on your self talk.

We have multiple self-talk moments every day, sometimes subconsciously. It also may be hard to realize the impact that negative self-talk can have on our stress levels. If our self-talk tends to be negative, the world around us may seem more stressful and threatening. This way, we may start focusing on the problems we face more frequently than the gifts that we have, which can cause unnecessary stress.

Written by Alejandro Serrano Saunders

Written by Alejandro Serrano Saunders

Alejandro is the Chief-Scientific Officer of uMore, the AI-powered mental well-being tracker.

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