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Today, Norrsken has announced the twenty companies that will participate in its 2022 Norrsken Impact Accelerator, an accelerator programme designed to find the world’s most promising early-stage impact startups and help them scale.

All of the participating companies were selected via an open application process, and have been evaluated against the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and ranked based on the magnitude and depth of their potential impact. Unintended and potentially harmful side-effects of success have also been taken into consideration. Only companies that can successfully demonstrate that impact is an integral part of their business model have been admitted for entry into the programme.

The 2022 batch was selected by an expert team that includes Norrsken Foundation CEO Erik Engellau Nilsson, Capital T Founding Partner Janneke Niessen, Lazada Co-founder Christopher Brinkeborn Beselin, Kry Co-founder Fredrik Jung-Abbou, Brilliant Minds Co-founder Ash Pournouri and Walerud Ventures Founder Jane Walerud. The Norrsken Impact Accelerator is also supported by the Norrsken VC and Africa investment teams.

Beyond acceptance to the programme itself, including an eight-week growth sprint at Norrsken House in Stockholm and mentorship from a roster of over 110 entrepreneurs, investors and unicorn founders, with all startups set to receive $125,000 upfront pre-seed or seed investment from the Norrsken Foundation.

“This is a big day for Norrsken. Our Accelerator brings together over one hundred extraordinary individuals who channel their knowledge, experience and network to pave the way for early-stage, up-and-coming impact tech startups. We only want to work with companies that are solving real, urgent and important problems – problems that matter. We believe that all of the companies in our 2022 cohort are doing exactly this, and we’re so excited to be part of their growth journeys from here!”, said Funda Sezgi, Norrsken Impact Accelerator Managing Director and Co-founder.

The 2022 cohort




Appload’s digital linking platform allows data collection and real-time sharing, secure payment, and a system of trip monitoring and customer reviews. This allows supply and demand to meet efficiently, thus optimizing trucks and shipping goods in time, while building trust within the market. In particular, this allows Appload to help fill empty trucks on return trips, at a discounted rate for customers that especially need it.




Basys is a digital health app for managing chronic conditions like diabetes through a unique combination of AI, a reward-associated nudge system, diabetic nurses, and precision nutrition.




Clafiya is a digital primary healthcare service that connects individuals and businesses to health practitioners for convenient, quality, and affordable, on-demand primary care from their mobile phones.




Emata provides affordable digital loans to farmers in Africa by combining a fully digital process, machine learning, and partnerships with cooperatives to reach farmers at scale. Emata’s model allows it to reach more farmers (even those without smartphones) at lower costs and with above-average repayments.

Umoja Labs



Umoja provides last-mile payment tools for aid organizations & fintechs to increase digital financial inclusion for emerging market consumers.




Fixa connects verified artisans in a wide array of services with formal job opportunities. The platform is designed to help corporations of all sizes hire directly from a database of pre-vetted workers.



Motito offers a buy now, pay later service that allows small businesses to offer interest-free credit at point-of-sale. i.e our consumers can get a payment plan from their local stores that are part of our merchant network.




NitroCapt has invented a novel chemical process for the production of climate-neutral nitrogen fertilizers in order to contribute to both agricultural sustainability and productivity. The process is competitive with today’s fossil-based processes.




The ANA platform trains, certifies, finds jobs, and supports caregivers. This helps reduce inefficiencies and unnecessary hospital visits, saving up to 50% of the patient cost.




Scase reduces the time healthcare personnel needs to diagnose patients and allows them to remotely monitor patients. This saves time, gives access to more accurate data and uncovers new diagnoses.




Intelligent site selection and enrollment optimization. SiteAI takes site data, capabilities, patient data, past trial performance and uses it to evaluate medical sites with 100+ variables.




Spoor is using computer vision and AI to monitor bird activity in onshore and offshore wind farms, using off-the-shelf cameras. The system will be capable of near real-time classification of bird species and collision-risk estimations. It eases data gathering, operationalizing data and compliance to optimize wind farm production capacity.


United Kingdom


uMore is a digital health screening and recommendation platform that combines machine learning and digital biomarkers to offer accessible and personalised mental health care. The product predicts users’ mental health outcomes and delivers targeted activities to educate and improve their behaviors.




Green-On uses a patented power-to-food technology whereby carbon dioxide, water and electricity are used to directly synthesize fat molecules. The company uses no arable land to produce the fat, no fertilizers and is carbon neutral.


South Africa


HealthDart is a network of doctors, nurses and pharmacies that patients based in underserved middle-income areas can access digitally via their platform. The platform enables them to get health advice remotely from anywhere, book virtual- and physical consultations and order medication from partner pharmacies.




LEIA is the world’s first postpartum health tracker. Daily check-ins will enable personalized content from a broad range of experts giving new mothers data-driven insights about their physical and mental health and the tools to change it for the better.




Paradiset uses already accessible data and AI to make it easier for all people to eat healthier and break bad diet habits. The company partners with existing retailers to help them improve their offering for customers, in order to scale the solution fast and help as many people as possible.

Power Financial Wellness



Power delivers access to earnings at any time and 80% cheaper than the market, streamlined savings and investment accounts every time workers get paid, longer-term loans customized to individuals and digital insurance, financed for workers and collected over nine months.




SunFi helps third party solar installers offer financing and payment plans to consumers. The company also provides installers with productivity tools and tech partnerships to accelerate the transition to solar.

Vitala Health



Vitala is a chronic care management platform for medical exercise and digital rehabilitation. It allows for an instantaneous prescription for physical activity and digital rehabilitation to patients with chronic diseases. Programs are evidence-based and proven to slow down disease progression, decreasing the risk of medical complications while boosting physical and mental wellbeing.

Since being accepted into the 2021 programme, the 20 participating companies, sourced from over 2,300 applications worldwide, have raised more than $24m (£19.2m) in seed or pre-seed funding from investors like Brilliant Minds Co-founder Ash Pournori, Kry Co-founder Fredrik Jung-Abbou, Pär Norberg of Nordic Capital, Capital T, Globivest and Norrsken Foundation.

Link to the article: https://www.businessleader.co.uk/20-startups-set-to-take-part-in-the-2022-norrsken-impact-accelerator/

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