Find peace while worrying

The following videos will help you reach a peaceful state in times of worry. 

Session 1 – Emotional Regulation

Breathing low and slow 

Learn how to balance your emotions through breathing. 


A flexibile mind

Learn the gentle art of facing your thoughts and fears. 


Physical signs of my anxiety 

Learn where anxiety lies and how to normalise it. 


Session 2 – The Stories we tell ourselves 

Minimising the strength of repetitive thoughts

Learn how thinking is useful but how it can also be predictable and … boring! 


Changing our toughest rules

Learn to identify the rules we make for ourselves that make life more difficult. 


Seeing things anew! 

Learn how to change your perspective through curiosity and creativity. 


Session 3 – Learning how to be at peace with your body 

Understanding your physical condition & related emotions (part 1)

Get to know the relationship between physical and emotional symptoms. 


Understanding your physical condition and related emotions (part 2)

Further understand the relationship between physical and emotional symptoms in order to better plan copying strategies. 


How to cope when you are upset with your body 

Learn how to be at peace with your body. 


Session 4 – Managing the hospital environment and coping with dialysis

Easing your nerves through exploration and change 

Learn how to decrease your stress of visiting a doctor or clinic. 


Adhering to treatment 

Learn how to best maintain adherence to dialysis treatment and medications. 


Coping with unexpected news

About receiving difficult or unexpected news. 

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