Feeling positivity during sadness 

The following videos will help you search for and experience positivity in life. 

Session 1 – Personal values

Things that matter to me 

How to use your values to shape your sense of self. 


Session 2 – Noticing and appreciating things around me 

Using your senses to make the most of the moment 

Learn how focusing on the present moment can offer you relief from your usual thoughts and feelings. 


Being grateful for small things in life

Learn how to appreciate and have gratitude for the smallest things around us. 


Session 3- Self-care through connection to self and others 

Me, my best friend

How to talk to yourself as if you would to your best friend. 


The importance of asking for help 

Learn that it is ok to ask for help and support from the people around you. 


Helping others

Helping, guiding, volunteering, inspiring and supporting others can help you feel more positive. 


Finding peace and strength – the connection to reading religious passages 

Learn about finding calm and comfort through spiritual practice. 

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