Slow Down Your Overthinking

Let’s understand how to slow down fast-paced overthinking through writing. 

Overthinking is not a skill you want to perfect! While it may seem like a positive trait, it does not benefit us. 

Repeated thinking not only results in inaction but also maintains the very emotions you may want to reduce. 

It can stick these unwanted emotions to memory. It can also block the surfacing of any positive emotion because our mind is too busy replaying scenes from other events.

If you wish to make sense of things, write it out instead. 

Writing will help you to think in a straight line because sentences need an end, whereas mental imagery, feelings, and thoughts work in endless loops.

Write in the space below while channeling your inner analyst to ask:

What’s the issue at hand?

What can I do?

What must I leave alone?


Now that you have written down your thoughts, look back at what you have just written.

What difference did you feel when writing about the challenge instead of thinking about the challenge?

Does your perspective change at all during or after the writing session?

Even if writing out our thoughts may not give us an answer to the challenge, it does help us put our thinking in a straight line.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by overthinking again, slow it down by writing things out.

It may even give you greater clarity.

Activity feedback

How did the activity make you feel?