Plan For Happiness

Let’s understand how to recognize our desires and find activities in life that we enjoy and value.


Did you know that early research once showed that extraversion was highly associated with well-being and happiness?

It was thought that extroverts easily connect with people and events, helping them experience more variety, novelty, social support, and fun.


These things certainly matter when it comes to happiness.


Still, since we have learned from more sophisticated research, evidence shows that notions of “fit” make the bigger difference.


What does this mean?

This means that we can choose activities and contexts that ‘fit’ our personality and preferences to increase our well-being.

It doesn’t matter whether you are extroverted or introverted. 


Think about your ideal fit and whether your current activities help you get the most from your positive emotions.


For example, have you ever gone to a popular, highly rated restaurant that everyone seemingly loved but which was overpriced, average and uninteresting?


You might have said it was great to fit in, but your private experience of that evening knew otherwise.


Take note of the things you do because society or your social group says it will bring you happiness, but that actually doesn’t.


You may note them down in the space below.

Then, make decisions around what would fit your personality better.

Book club? Vegan hikers? Coding?

Design your life for you, not for the influencers, and watch your happiness investment rise.

How did the activity make you feel?