Feel Motivated By Goal Setting

Let’s understand the purpose of goals and how to feel motivated by them.

Goals are tricky little things. We’re told we need them and should have them.

However, if goals are not chosen well and pursued with the wrong intent, they can make us feel worse.

How can we think of goals as positive motivators instead of duties to complete?


Let’s consider what they are intended to do.  

Goals provide us purpose, direction, and structure. Without them, we have no reason to act or even get up in the morning. They tell us what to do and when.

With goals, we tend to try harder at life because there is a clear path that can lead to success in some areas of life.

The biggest benefit is that goals pull us to the future and help us cope by giving us something to work towards and think about.

When there is little good in the present, they are a great place to go in our heads. Plus, they cannot be taken by others.


It’s not achieving goals themselves that leads to greater wellbeing.

It’s the goal-striving, trying, reaching, stretching, and seeing what you’re made of and how far you can go that adds value to life.

Dreamers keep dreaming.

So, don’t pressure yourself to achieve!

If goals are a path you want to take, choose a change that you want to make and then break it up into little steps.

Strive towards each step for a few weeks before moving onto the next and enjoy the journey.

What goal will you choose to pursue at this stage of life?

How did the activity make you feel?