Feel Good With Positive Self-Talk

Let’s feel better about ourselves by using an encouraging internal dialogue.

What is self-talk?

It’s the thing we do yet ignore the most. What we say to ourselves matters as much as what others say.

But does that mean we have to be positive and happy all the time?

No. Though we don’t need to be mean, critical or harsh either.

Self-talk matters because it helps us control thoughts, manage mood, and increase motivation and efforts daily.

We can talk ourselves into things as much as we can talk ourselves out.

For example, you can be fired up to hit the gym or convince yourself that today is not a good day and go home.

What we say to ourselves impacts how we feel about ourselves.

Are you feeling low?

What story are you telling yourself?

Why not try realistic self-talk?

You may make mistakes, so hold yourself accountable, but you don’t need to crush yourself.

Notice the mistake, make amends, and find ways not to repeat it. The self-talk should end there.

On the other hand, when you achieve or feel good, it’s okay to notice it: “Good job, if I say so myself!”

Like athletes, we can harness our self-talk not to think we’re better than others or pretend all is great, but rather to seize opportunities.

We make fewer mistakes when we do this and become better at what we do.

Listen to your self-talk and be your own coach; find a talk that works for you.

How did the activity make you feel?