Feel Purposeful With Active Leisure

Let’s learn the difference between active and passive leisure and recognize how active leisure can bring us purpose.

Life can be busy.

Over time…

It’s easy to confuse being busy with worthwhile activity.

It’s also easy to equate downtime with activities that rejuvenate us.

It turns out that there are different types of leisure; active and passive.

Active leisure can, of course, include physical activity, but also things like reading, playing the guitar, learning Spanish or sketching designs.

Passive leisure involves mindless scrolling of social media, chasing clickbait, driving around aimlessly, or watching television on the couch for hours.

We need some downtime, but it turns out that passive leisure doesn’t contribute to well-being much.

It’s like being a spectator in one’s own life rather than a player.

Active leisure can allow for more physical and intellectual activity and learning, socializing, networking, and feeling refreshed after a long day in ways that an Instagram feed can’t.

Try and chart where your minutes go each day.

Is your leisure time active or passive?

Could you tip the balance to where you are less of a spectator and playing a more active role in your own life?

As Aristotle said, excellence is found in the habits we hold.

How did the activity make you feel?