Overcome Boredom By Enjoying Novelty

Let’s learn about the process of adaptation and make a plan to combat boredom with novel experiences.

We are programmed to get bored.

The scientific word is “adaptation”, and it means that even good things lose their magic and stop feeling good over time.

If you had a piece of cake every day, you would probably soon see how quickly you adapt and grow tired of cake.

Our activities, conversations, and even people respond in the same way.

Do the same thing repeatedly, and you may eventually stop seeing why it ever appealed to you.

This can be a shame and a benefit.

Adaptation can be positive when we have to do a thing we dislike. We eventually adapt, and it bothers us less over time.

But, in the face of positive activity, it explains why things we once loved to do can feel like a chore a few weeks in.

We’re in danger of dropping out of perfectly good activities that bring us joy.

The task is to add variety to make it seem new so we can keep benefiting from it.

Adaptation is another way to say that you have gotten good at what you are doing.

You need to manage your pathway to excellence otherwise.


What activities are you adapting to? List them out in the space below.

Can you make an anti-boredom plan for it?

For example, you can do an activity at a different time, with other people, in a different way or elsewhere.

For each activity, make your anti-boredom plan. Keep your activities fresh, so they always deliver.

Remember to use adaptation for good to keep life enjoyable and boredom free!

How did the activity make you feel?