Feel Fortunate By Mental Contrasting

Let’s learn how to plan for negative situations, whatever the outcome.

We’re told to be optimistic most of the time.

However, there are times when it may be better to be a bit pessimistic, especially when there are real chances things could go wrong, which can get us worried.

In fact, being pessimistic can make you feel better and more in control by facing what worries you and making a plan for that eventuality.

Then, you can relax because, good or bad, you’ve got a plan.

In fact, even the worst-case scenario allows you to dive fully into life because you’ve got all sorts of life jackets to help you swim.

Think of your challenges ahead and consider the best, most optimistic scenario you’d like to see happen.

Then, consider everything that can go badly along the way.

By visualizing the worst (i.e., you get fired, break up with someone, lose money, etc.), you can now think of strategies to deal with those obstacles.

It’s not pleasant to think about, but often we fear change because we know the possibilities are there.

We can’t convince ourselves they aren’t.

Here, you accept all possible realities and simply plan for them.

Now, go after what you really want, knowing that you are prepared if it all goes wrong.

How did the activity make you feel?