Pace Your Work, Prioritize Your Health

Recognize the importance of rest, and make a plan that prioritizes some rest in your day.

One of the secrets to success is knowing when to give ourselves a break and when to push ourselves.

Athletes, for instance, push themselves hard enough to be the best but not so hard that they injure themselves and undermine their own performance.

They have no shame in taking breaks and always prioritize their sleep.

They attend to their needs and monitor their energy reserves constantly, and also adjust as they progress throughout their training.

They pace themselves by distributing their efforts across weeks and months of training and do not try to get everything done at once.

It’s not a happy occurrence; it’s the only way to be at their best.

What about you?

Do you push yourself so hard that you end up in a heap of tears and frustration?


Do you know when to take a break, ease up on the pressure, and refocus without judgment?

Do you know when to slow down and space out your efforts?

In the space below, write out answers to the following questions:

If you were to organize your time and energy more like a professional athlete, how would things look different daily?

What are two small things you would change? 

When running a race, part of an athlete’s job is to recognize when it is important to save energy and when it is important to sprint.

Remember the plan you have just made, so you too can manage your mental energy just like a professional athlete!

How did the activity make you feel?