Feel Focused By Finding Flow

Learn about the concept of flow and recognise where you experience flow in your daily life.

There are many states of mind. We can feel bored, excited, or sad, amongst many other emotions.

But have you ever heard of the “flow” state of mind?

Being in a flow state is the reward we get from achieving a degree of competence in activities like sports, video games, the arts, or even cooking.

For example, have you ever tried to solve a puzzle or a word search so engaging and immersive that you felt like you lost track of time?

The feeling that you had while completing that puzzle is flow.

Anything can bring on flow as long as it is difficult, uses our skills, and we like it.

People who regularly get into flow are happier in life, mentally focused, and experience less depression.

An absorbed mind has a hard time being depressed.

When in a flow state, we are doing and not just watching life go by.

We are in total concentration, not worrying about ourselves, but focused on the activity at hand.

We use our skills to meet difficult goals and respond to feedback within that activity.

It’s satisfying, and we look forward to such activities.

We lose ourselves in the activity, and time disappears.

To be in a state of flow, we must, however, be willing to spend enough time in the activity and become good enough to guide our own behavior without much thought and fully detach and immerse ourselves into its experience.

These positive activities become meaningful passions.

In what activities have you experienced flow?

How did it make you feel?

What was meaningful about it?

What is putting you in a flow state these days that you could do more of or begin?

How did the activity make you feel?