Boost Your


Let’s understand how to treat ourselves compassionately through positive self-talk.

When others feel like they are in a bad emotional place, we often know what to say.

We may give them the benefit of the doubt. We might respond humanely, fairly, and charitably

Yet, we have a tough time doing this for ourselves.

Instead, we can judge and criticize as though this will make us feel better or fix things.

What would happen if you responded to yourself as you did to others?

Would it solve issues more quickly?

Would it help you understand yourself better?

Give it a try! Think about your situation and respond to it mentally or in writing, as you would to another person.

Be objective, kind, and fair. No need to pretend, but no need to destroy yourself either. The goal is to find understanding and compassion for yourself. We are all human. 

In the space below, write the kind words you would like to say to yourself. 

This can be a reminder of how great you are doing or something that you appreciate about yourself.

You are so kind! 

How did that make you feel?

The old adage is true: treat others how you want to be treated.

In this case, however, you treated yourself as you want to treat others.

Let’s remember this when we are not feeling our best.

Sometimes we really need to hear some compassionate words from ourselves to get a positive perspective in times of negativity. 

How did the activity make you feel?