Find Happiness By Helping Others

Let’s learn how doing kind acts for others can bring us happiness and plan for the kind acts we will do today.

Doing nice things for others is the simplest way to boost happiness.

However, many people want to know what’s in it for them.

Well, doing nice things for others gets you outside of your head.

We spend an awful lot of time up there, where we spend time obsessing and analyzing.

When we’re focused on doing kind acts, we have to focus on others and not ourselves.

What a relief.

Anticipating what you’ll do and what the reactions of others will get us feeling positive even before we’ve done anything.

That’s a free boost of positive emotion you didn’t need to work for!

And while we don’t do acts of kindness to get anything in return, that possibility exists.

Doing kind acts allows us to use our strengths and develop relationships.

Doing good makes us feel good and, over time, makes us good.

What will your kind actions be today?

It can be simple things like opening doors, acknowledging others, helping someone with packages, or saying good morning.

Write them down in the space below.

Try out these kind actions today.

If you like how they feel, you can repeat it tomorrow or do some more right now.

How did the activity make you feel?