Release Anger Through Forgiveness

Let’s reflect on a situation that prompted anger, let it go by practicing forgiveness, and reflect on how it makes us feel.

When someone wrongs us, it can feel like it hurts less if we stay angry.

This, however, comes at a cost.

The energy we spend reviewing the event steals attention from things that would bring us joy.

It drains us physically and keeps us up at night.

It can be upsetting.

What about forgiveness?

Before you say no, wait. Remaining angry and upset gives that person a lot of control over your feelings and thoughts.

Forgiveness is not about others; it’s about choosing to let go for you.

Use your future, wiser, more mature, understanding self to contemplate why the situation happened.

What were the forces that came together to make this situation happen?

Write them down in the space below while being as objective and compassionate as possible.

Then, think about what it has cost you emotionally and otherwise to hold on to the anger, hurt, or betrayal.

Write down three good things that came from this situation.

You may think there were none, but perhaps you are more selective about others now, make better choices, or are more cautious.

What did you learn from them?

Finally, what choice do you want to make around this situation?

Is it time to let it go, or do you want to hang on for a bit longer?

It’s up to you, and only you’ll know when it’s time, but recognize that you have a choice to eventually make.

You may write out your decision in the space below.

We may not expect it, but forgiveness can be a great way to let out anger.

After you have completed this activity, feel free to take some time to reflect on it.

If forgiveness helped you feel some relief in this case, what other parts of life can it apply to?

How did the activity make you feel?