Enjoy Time With Others By Planning A Date

Learn how to set time aside to enjoy friendships by creating a schedule that lets us spend time with others.

Did you know that relationships are the number one contributor to well-being? They are not always difficult to maintain in good times or bad.

The everyday busyness of life, conflicting schedules that never seem to match, and physical distance can often keep us apart from our loved ones.

Yet, we can improve long-standing relationships and build new ones by being purposeful about our investments in them and activity.

How? Scheduling sounds so formal, but it’s the easiest way to ensure relationships are prioritized.

How can we do this?

Plan a date! Simply, a date on the calendar.

A date can be set for a 30-minute neighborhood walk after dinner, a nice coffee, a movie, or a museum visit. It can even be going to the gym or doing groceries and catching up with a friend, colleague, sister or nephew at the same time.

Shorter visits are often better. There is less silence, no pressure, and more purposeful talk.

Can you plan three ‘dates’ this week by scheduling with those people right now? Aim for 5 or even 7 for the possibility that some cancel or can’t make it.

You can also do this with new people by saying, “I’m already doing this; would you like to join me?”. Joining an existing activity is less awkward than meeting with the sole intent to get to know someone.

How did the activity make you feel?