How The Body Responds To Exercise

Let’s learn about the positive effects of exercise on our well-being.

We talk a lot about emotions and actions when it comes to well-being. Less often do we talk about movement.

Movement can really contribute to helping us feel more positive and more engaged with life.

The more we move, the more we want to, and we feel better. The more we move daily, the more refreshed we feel the next, and the more likely we are to experience more positive experiences.

Feel-good chemicals called serotonin, responsible for positive feelings, are boosted when we move.

Physical activity helps sleep while increasing the growth of brain neurons, making it easier to learn too.

Luckily, the body responds to short bursts of movement. So every 40 minutes or so, try to get up, walk around for a few minutes, hop in place, anything to get your heart rate up.

And don’t discount frequent, small doses of movement; they are easier to do than one big exercise session. They still count!

Besides making you feel better, the energy you get from physical activity extends to other activities and areas of life.

Want to feel more engaged at work or elsewhere? Move more. It really is that easy.

How did the activity make you feel?