Focus On What Really Makes You Happy 

Let’s learn how to reflect upon what truly makes us happy.

We like to think that we know ourselves well. We think we know what we want and need in life to be happy.

However, did you know that research suggests we’re pretty bad at making such predictions?

As a result, we regularly look in the wrong places.

Off the top of your head, what do you think you need to be happy?

Imagine making a list of all these things that make you happy. 

Money usually features on these lists for most people, so do cars, a nice house, a partner, great shoes, and even travel.

While these do contribute to happiness to a certain extent, they do not factor in as much as we’d like.

For example, consider what has made you happy in the past.

It probably wasn’t the nice car or the new shoes.

For most of us, it’s the time we spend with friends, a good movie, playing with our pets, a great conversation.

Often, happiness is in the moments of meaning, pleasure, achievement, engagement in activities, and even learning.

We can all make those moments happen, even now.

Knowing this, let’s try and make a list in the space below of the meaningful things in our lives that truly make us happy.

What a wonderful list! Now think about which of these things can we do now.

Are there things on this list that we can appreciate today?

When considering what truly makes us happy, look to what has worked for you instead of what society seems to tell you should work.

Remember to return to this list when you want to reflect on all the wonderful things that make you happy. 

How did the activity make you feel?