Capture Joy With Mindful Photography

Let’s understand how to appreciate positive moments in our life using imagery.

Have you ever felt as if positive moments don’t last long compared to negative emotions?

Sometimes they even seem to vanish in memory.

A great afternoon at the beach, a divine dish, and a breathtaking symphony can all feel great, but their impact can seem gone once they are over.

How can we keep memories and positive emotions around for longer?

Try taking pictures!

Not selfies necessarily, nor random photos of everyone and everything, but a photo that captures a real emotional representation of an experience, big or small.

When we take photos mindfully, focusing on an image that evokes deep emotion, we are immersed in the moment.

We notice, watch, and absorb what is going on around us with heightened senses as we try to capture the right moment.

As a result, you extend the positive feeling for longer and increase the chances you’ll remember it fully.

For next week, try taking one daily photo that means something to you.

Keep note of how it made you feel and what it reflects about you.

You can even challenge others in your circle to do the same and share memories of the great stories which come with them. 

How did the activity make you feel?