Savor Your Happiness

Let’s understand how to appreciate the small things that bring us happiness.

Have you ever found a coin or a piece of gum in your pocket that you may have forgotten about?

This isn’t a huge life event, but I doubt you’d thrown out the coin. And while you might not do a dance of joy over it, it can add a little bit of positivity to our day.


Regular life is just the same.

We can notice and get excited about small things or choose not to notice them.

The ability to notice what is around us and take joy from it refers to what is known as “savoring”.

By savoring, we focus our attention on what we can see and prolong our emotions as a result.

We can savor a warm stew on a cold day or a warm piece of pie on a cold day.

We may savor a favorite song on the radio or the time we spend playing an immersive videogame.

We are even able to savor faces, such as those of our loved ones.


What small things do you allow yourself to savor daily by noticing how they feel, taste, sound, and look?


In the space below, make a list of the small pleasures in your life that you could savor more every day.

Once you know the things you wish to savor, you can even make a savoring journal or plan a savoring day.

Take it all in. Savor away!

How did the activity make you feel?