Use Optimism Smartly

Learn how to use optimism as a tool to develop a positive mindset.

Sometimes we can think of optimism as being silly, naïve, and blind to the realities of life.

If this is the case, being cautious, skeptical, and mistrusting would also leave us blind to the realities of life.

Optimism is not necessarily about pretending everything is great; it is about choosing a mindset that will help you face challenges with the odds in your favor. 

Think of optimism as a song you listen to before you go out, which gets you in the mood.

It can make us feel eager to shine and be confident.

Our mindset is primed to make the most of the situation by altering our thoughts, actions, and beliefs about ourselves.

By being optimistic, you’re simply putting on a ‘mind’ setting to help things go more smoothly. 

You can take it off anytime.  

For this week, think of situations you will face and develop three optimistic ways of approaching them, which would positively influence your thoughts, actions, and self-beliefs.

You may write out the three ways you developed in the space below.

It might still go wrong, of course, but this is OK.

Put on the right mental setting, and you might even surprise yourself!

How did the activity make you feel?