Enjoy Moments of Anticipation

Let’s understand how anticipation can bring us joy.

Feeling stuck and in need of a vacation?

Being unable to take a vacation, even when we really want to, can make us feel frustrated.

However, take heart!

Research shows that the positive effects of vacations on our well-being don’t last for as long as we think.

What has the biggest boost on our well-being is not the vacation itself but rather the act of looking forward to something.


Anticipation or waiting for a positive moment is a wonderful state.

So how can we practice anticipation without feeling like we need a vacation to do it?


Let’s imagine where we want to go, what we will be wearing, and even what the weather will be like.

Our imaginations are better than the real thing, which usually includes rain, unreliable Wi-Fi and bad food.

Actual vacations, compared to our expectations, never quite measure up.


So make the most of your (non)vacations and feel great that they won’t disappoint or bankrupt you.


Plan something extraordinary that you can do close to home.

Think about a day where you plan out where you will eat, what you’ll wear, the museums you’ll visit, the activities you’ll do, and the part of town you will be in.

Anticipate it in great detail and get the positive boost without the bust.

How did the activity make you feel?