Find Happiness With Positive Reminiscing

Learn how to relive happy moments by reflecting on your past experiences.

There are days when nothing good seems to happen.

When this is the case, it can seem like we can’t boost our mood by ourselves. We might need a lift but can’t quite figure out how or from where.

Sometimes the present isn’t filled with anything positive.


However, we can always go to the past and look there.


Thinking and writing about positive experiences is a trick you can use when there’s nothing to feel good about in the present.

Recalling positive experiences from memory will make you feel them all over again.

It can also spark some ideas about new things to do today.

Look at this list of positive emotions and choose one.

Joy. Interest. Love. Inspiration. Gratitude. Curiosity. Optimism. Pride. Peace. Satisfaction. Excitement. 

Now in the space below, write about a time you felt one of these positive emotions very strongly.

Describe the scene.

What did it feel like?

What did you notice? You may note down the smells, sounds, or sights you noticed.

Who was there?

What was significant about it?

What came before or after isn’t necessary, so beware of your traveling mind.

Only describe the moment and no more.

When we reflect on positive memories, we use the same parts of the brain that were active when the memory was formed.

Such reflection can be a great way to find happiness and relive the special moments in our life that give it all the meaning and joy.

How did the activity make you feel?