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Behavioural science

uMore uses the fundamentals of behavioural science to inspire behavioural change. With the app, you can take control of your mental wellbeing so you can live your healthiest life.

How? The answer lies with the habit-building triggers.

This combination helps you better understand yourself and to reinforce your good habits.

The daily tracking feature of the application works as a visual cue for your activity. Every time you get a push notification, you’re reminded of the habit you want to improve. uMore also reminds you when it’s time to track your wellbeing, notifying you that you need to take action. The action of tracking daily provides you with that feeling of accomplishment and cognitive closure.

Ready, set, track

uMore is your digital companion that improves your habit building.

Every time you click you release small amounts of dopamine, the powerful chemical that controls the brain’s pleasure centre, so each check-in feels like getting a pat on the back.

Behavioural scientists call this action-and-reward system the “habit loop” an essential element of strengthening habits. With uMore, your activities become positive habits.

The habit loop, a common concept in behavioural science, explains how habits are formed in your brain.

The Habit Loop



You get a notification on 



You log-in your daily 



You get your score 



Check-in on your loved 

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