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We need your help to shape the future of mental healthcare

Technology has opened a new frontier in mental health support. Our goal with uMore is to offer you new ways to provide support, monitor progress and understanding of your patients mental wellbeing.

Together let’s work on cutting edge science

Digital Social Prescriptions

We understand you have limited time, uMore can help you give your patients more support, by allowing you to monitor their wellbeing even at a distance.

Behavioural Science

If you choose, uMore can notify you when your patients score fall below its designated threshold, enabling you to act swiftly and accordingly.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

We want to focus on changing the automatic negative thoughts that can contribute to and worsen stress, anxiety and even depression.

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Why should you participate?

Early warning systems

Whenever one of your patients has a bad day, you are instantly informed.

Contribute to research and science

All data collected will be anonymised, and our results published for peer review.

Better outcomes for your patients

Research has shown that digital companions lead to better outcomes for patients.

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We can make a difference, and it starts with you

As an early-stage start-up, we are looking to partner with key individuals who can help us take our tech to the next level. During COVID-19 and with social distancing restrictions, individuals are not getting access to the mental health care that they need.

With uMore, you can monitor your patients, but with a light touch. Your patients can track daily their mood and with psychometric questionnaires check in weekly on their health scores. Finally, they also get bite-sized content recommendations with insights tailored to their stress level.

A global shortage of mental health care professionals

As outlined in WHO’s Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020, there is a global shortage of health workers trained in mental health and a lack of investment in community-based mental health facilities. uMore is here to address the shortfall giving those with mild to moderate stress, anxiety and depression a toolbox to manage their condition better.

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Cutting Edge Tech

Our tech is built on the latest principles of CBT, Behavioural Science and Tech Innovation.

A Dedicated Team

As part of the uMore team, we will help you round the clock, 24/7, on everything you need.

Contribute to Science

Together, our data will contribute to the growing literature on tech for digital health.

Better Patient Outcomes

We support social prescriptions so that you may better monitor the welfare of your patients.

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