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Business Insider Spain | These entrepreneurs did not know each other in person 6 months ago, but they have already caught the attention of Google: uMore, the app with Spanish DNA that analyzes your stress and anxiety about how you use the phone

Maria de Freitas and Alejandro Serrano, are two of the founders of the app that this summer has gone through the Google Growth Academy program: Health & Wellbeing.

“We want to do for mental health, what wearables did for physical health,” both entrepreneurs say.

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Impact Report: Fostering understanding with self-care

Impact report on uMore self-care activities uMore launches the first collection of self-care activities designed to help users take action to improve their personal well-being. Each self-care activity is based on scientific evidence and helps foster health-promoting...

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Bring calm to your body with diaphragmatic breathing

Let’s relieve this tension by practising a technique called diaphragmatic breathing. As you can tell from its name, this exercise uses the powerful breathing muscle above our belly to establish calm through long-lasting breaths.

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