Adhering To Treatment   

How to maintain adherence to dialysis treatment and medications.

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If you have reached this stage of the app, then we know you have been working hard at getting to know ‘you’ – the various physical and emotional symptoms that contribute to how you are feeling each day.

What we haven’t mentioned so far is the incredible treatment journey you have been taking at the same time.

We know that it can be really hard to stay on track when there is the daily regime of dietary and fluid restrictions, multiple medications to take each day, as well as hospital visits included. 


Regardless of whether you are going to continue on the same treatment regime or are waiting for a transplant, we want to encourage you to keep up with all your treatments and the recommended advice from your practitioners.

Keeping up with your treatment as prescribed, is what we call adherence.

You are ‘sticking to / adhering’ to the regimen. This is beneficial to manage your condition in the best way.


Did you know that the more you stick to your regime, even when you don’t want to, it shows your brain that you are prepared to make tough decisions; that you are a person who can be anxious or depressed and still make healthy behavioural choices.

This has positive implications for your whole identity and how you see yourself in general – and even how others’ see you too! 


Understandably, some people do not always stick to the advice of their doctors, or they even miss their hospital treatment sessions, because it can just feel like too much for them.

Whether physically or emotionally, it may all feel overwhelming and perhaps they are tired of all the restrictions and routines. 

Have you ever felt like ignoring some advice, or have you found it difficult to stick to any part of your regime?


If you are struggling to make healthy choices right now, we know that your brain may have got used to making choices that don’t benefit you as much as they could.

We understand that sometimes less healthy choices simply feel easier or more comfortable in the shorter-term. 


The best way to help you with this, is to open up a dialogue with the practitioner that you feel safest with. 

They need to know where you are struggling so that they can continue to help you in the best way possible. 


Please jot down on a piece of paper what your current struggles are with sticking to your treatment regime.

Think about what is hard for you … what you want to avoid … what you really dislike! Write it all out – get it all out of your head.


When you are next with your practitioner, feel free to show this list of struggles to them, or email it to them – this will help them to help you more. 


They might even be able to help other people in your situation more efficiently if they learn about your struggles too ☺


If you are not having any difficulty at this time, or at all, then congratulations, you are doing well! Keep up that emotion regulation!

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