Coping With Unexpected News 

About receiving difficult or unexpected news. 

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Sometimes it feels hard to process things when we have been told difficult or unexpected news.

Perhaps there have been complications with your treatment, financial payment plan, or a tough decision needs to be made.

At these times, it can feel like our brains don’t work and we often feel lost or like we can’t hear anything anymore…it can be hard to focus … we lose perspective … we may feel like we are drowning in our emotions … like we need to go to the bathroom or be sick … we may feel like we are outside of our bodies, like nothing is real … perhaps your heart is beating so loudly that you just can’t focus or hear anything … perhaps you feel like you just don’t know how to cope. 

At these times, we know it’s hard to write, or think clearly … we know you just need to feel whatever it is that you are feeling, and to sit, without judgment, reflecting on how you feel … taking time out and away, to process the moment.  


In the video above you will find a list of emotions that people might experience at these times.

You may recognise some of these emotions and more, from earlier exercises. 


Remember that when we name our emotions, it can feel a lot easier than ignoring them or pushing them away. 


Choose all the emotions which you identify with at this moment. Not all the emotions are negative ones. 

Stop for 60 seconds on each emotion, take some deep breaths and say the emotion word to yourself, or even out loud.

Feel the emotion whatever it is in your body.

Notice it as if you are just observing it.

Just keep watching the world.

Keep breathing. 

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