Physical Signs of My Anxiety

Learn where anxiety lies in your body and how to normalise it.

Following on from our last session, we learned that the brain can speed up our heart rate which affects our breathing.

We also learned that it’s a helpful survival response – but not every day!

Did you know that other physical changes occur also?

We have a picture below that shows the types of symptoms most people feel when their minds are working in overdrive.

Again, we would reassure you that these are normal responses of the body during stressful times – and we want to help you regulate your emotions so that the system is activated only when it is really necessary, because it uses up a lot of energy. 

You will find a picture below, with small descriptions of various symptoms that other people with stress and anxiety commonly identify with.


You can press on the parts of the body where you might feel anxiety today, so that we can learn about you more.

If we do this everyday for a few weeks, we will begin to learn where you typically hold your anxiety.

If we know where it is, we can learn that it is our personal signal to slow down a little … which is really helpful when you are already trying to conserve your mental and emotional energy.

How did the activity made you feel?

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