Seeing Things Anew, Without Thinking About It!  

Learn to change your perspective through curiosity and creativity! 

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In past sessions, we have looked at a few ways to redefine how you think, from a position of calm and interested noticing.

Because sometimes we become overwhelmed with our minds and everything going on in our life … it almost hurts to think!

At these times, we encourage lifting the burden of even noticing all the difficult thoughts and just coping with an entirely different perspective. 

When you were a toddler or young child, do you recall how often you were in awe of things?

How you studied textures and colours, and how you were perhaps often fearless because you were more interested in exploring and understanding something or getting to do something?

For example:

– playing in the rain;

– finger painting;

– looking at the clouds in the sky;

– dressing up;

– watching ants crawl around the ground;

– eating handfuls of your mother’s baking,

and so forth. 


Today, we want to help you explore the world around you. 


Anything you might do today, consider approaching it with a sense of newness, almost like you have never ever seen it or done it before in your whole life. 


We are not asking you to act like a child, but simply, in your mind, put yourself into the mind of a child – being inquisitive, non-judgemental, being curious …

…. perhaps you will decide to really enjoy something you are eating or drinking;

….perhaps you will study the sky or a painting on the wall; enjoy the sights on a car ride, or similar.

Activity feedback

How did the activity made you feel?

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