Understanding Your Physical Condition and Related Emotions

(Part 2)  

Further understand the relationship between physical and emotional symptoms, in order to plan better copying strategies. 

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In the previous exercise, you wrote down physical symptoms you normally experience as a result of your condition / ESRD.

You then wrote down the emotions that you typically feel at the same time.

Today we will look at what coping strategies you would like to use, when you experience these symptoms. 


Think back to yesterday’s exercise and the list of emotions and symptoms that you have put together. 

Although it may seem uncomfortable to persist with an exercise like this, it is actually very helpful in terms of getting your needs met. If you can explain clearly what is going on for you and how you feel, then others can help you also. 

But, we also know that you are the best person to decide on what coping strategies are the most suitable for you


For each symptom and emotion, write one single coping strategy that you would like to use / others to help you with, when you have that symptom


For example, when Maryam is feeling tired, she tends to feel frustrated and irritable.

For her coping strategy, she asked that her family give her space for one hour when she needs it to rest and take time out.

She knew that by telling her family about needing this time, it would also given them permission ‘not to worry’ about her. 

When Adam feels weak, he becomes shy and a little embarrassed because he knows he might need help with walking and / or going to the bathroom.

Adam doesn’t usually like to ask for help but does prefer using the wheelchair for these times.

Writing down that he prefers to use a wheelchair on occasion helped Adam realise that it is okay to ask for help.

On some occasions, he even sent the note to his supports, which helped Adam gradually get used to asking his family for help more freely and more confidently.

Activity feedback

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