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Learn to connect deeper with your personal values. 

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When we feel down, sad or withdrawn due to our illness, it can feel hard to think about what really matters to us. 


We can often feel like we have lost our sense of identity. 


Maybe you have now become impatient or grumpy?

Lacking in hope?

Sad and less talkative?

More anxious?

Maybe you are resigned to the fact that it will be difficult to live as you used to; and maybe that is depressing to you…

… or maybe you are even accepting of that fact now. 


However you feel inside, we know that you will have certain values which are important to you irrespective of what is happening in your daily life.

We know that reflection upon these values periodically – and then consciously acting upon them – can strengthen ones sense of self.

Reflection followed by action can act like an anchor when we are swayed by the emotional tides.

It can keep us grounded, showing us that no matter what is happening to us, we can still hold on to what is true, right and important for us. 


Please take a look at some common values below: 












It’s possible that you will have other ones also. Maybe some of these are fundamental to you already too – values such as honesty or integrity or courage. 


Just take a moment to think about who you are, and what you stand for in life, despite your illness.

Perhaps you even want to consider newer values that have come to light since your illness started.

What values might others’ say you have, which you agree with also?

Think about the values that define you and which are important to you – the ones you have always done your best to live by.


Many values may feel important to you in your life, but just choose 5 values which are extremely important to you.

These values are principles that likely guide how you interact with others also.

For the 5 values that resonate with you, then write down 1 action you could do, this week, to live by those values. 


For instance, perhaps you value courage. Therefore, if you were showing courage this week, then you might decide to take all your medicine and show up to all your appointments this week. 


Someone else might value attentiveness. So perhaps this week, despite pain or aggravation from your illness, you may choose to be attentive to those around you.

And so on.


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