Using Your Senses to Make the Most of the Moment  

Learn how focusing on the present moment can offer relief from usual thoughts and feelings. 

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Sometimes you might notice your mind ruminating about the past and thinking of things that make you feel heavy, despondent or sad.

If you have been following some of the exercises in this app, then you will know that these thoughts are just your mind’s way of keeping safe … reminding you continually of the ‘danger’. 

The real problem lies with how much attention we pay to all of these thoughts. 

If we focus on everything our mind says, then we are essentially missing the present moment – so we may miss the meaningful and important moments that are happening.

Perhaps when you feel caught up in your mind, you may not recall much about the nice meal you ate;

… perhaps you find it hard to focus on interesting movies shows or conversations with your friends and family;

… perhaps you just want to sit in the same place, in the same room, and not do much at all.

When we consciously engage our senses, we help to show our mind that we know where we are, as such, because we are less focused and reactive towards what is happening inside our head – we can actually prove that there is a whole body and a world around these thoughts.

You will then realise that you can still have the thoughts *and* be able to enjoy the present moment also –so you wont have to fear the thoughts as much or feel burdened by them. 


Try the following exercise:

For approximately one minute, choose one of your senses.

In the spirit of ‘noticing’, simply ‘notice’ your surroundings using that sense.

For example, if you choose:

Sight, then look around you slowly and really study where you are, all the items in the room, the materials they are made of, how things are made, where they are positioned and so forth – notice it as if you were going to have to describe the room in detail to someone.

Sound – what can you hear around you? The farthest sound? The closest sound?

Smell – what can you smell? If there is nothing around you to smell, or pick up and smell, then you may wish to imagine the most wonderful scent, or you can simply move to another sense of choice.

Taste, you may also need something in your mouth to actually savour, or you can simply imagine a wonderful taste – there is no right or wrong.

Touch – focus both on the areas of your body where you notice any sensations (warmth, pain, tingling etc) or on your actual body in space – how it feels in the chair; how your watch or glasses feel; if you can feel your hair on your neck, and so forth. 


Think about all those moments during your day where you can utilise all your senses to make a much richer experience of your present moments: being in the shower; sitting outside or in the kitchen and so forth. 


Notice how different it feels.

Activity feedback

How did the activity made you feel?

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