Being Grateful for Small Things in Life 

Learn how to appreciate and have gratitude for the smallest things around us. 

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When we go through our days, we can easily fail to really appreciate the smallest things around us – such as:

the feeling of a warm bath,

comfortable shoes,

a clear blue sky,

a green light in traffic,

the sound of wind blowing

or toddlers giggling,

a good book

or conversation,

or people sending us messages. 

Perhaps things that used to give us joy and pleasure, no longer have the same impact – maybe you don’t care for shopping, cooking or talking much anymore.

This subdued state of energy, not really noticing or appreciating things can affect how we feel each day.

This is why we started learning about tuning into our senses, given that they are our ‘immediate surroundings’. 

The purpose of the current exercise is to help you consciously incorporate a little bit of extra meaning and appreciation into your days. 


As you go through your day, take an extra moment to notice the small things around you that might benefit you in some way, but which you may have been taking for granted … you might notice and appreciate:

someone saying something nice or doing a kind gesture;

you might be appreciative of your bed,

a blanket,

your phone,

a book,

a pet,

a drive,

or a small snack. 


You may even choose to write down who or what you are currently appreciative of in your daily life too – what are the small things that just make your life that little bit better, just for today?

Which of those things brings meaning into your life?

Activity feedback

How did the activity made you feel?

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