Me, My Best Friend 

Learn how talk to yourself as if you would with your best friend. 

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So much of our time is spent thinking about ourselves.

We can’t help it.

We need to do it in order to survive.

But sometimes we can be particularly hard on ourselves, and we start blaming ourselves regularly for things beyond our control.

Maybe you feel vulnerable, or like an inconvenience or a burden to others for general activities of daily living; maybe you feel a sense of helplessness, perhaps even guilt regarding your situation.

This is another example of a time when life can feel too much for us – all these thoughts and seemingly no escape. 


One small way to step outside yourself and give your mind a reprieve is to imagine what you would tell someone else dealing with your exact same situation


Think of someone who you love and care for deeply; someone you would wish to help anytime when you were able – perhaps a relative or a close friend; maybe even your child.

What if they were in your exact situation and asked for your advice?

Would you also remind them on a daily basis that they are a burden or a nuisance; that their life is terrible; that you find them negative and annoying? No, you’d likely be far kinder! 

List down 5 statements that you would tell someone you really love and care about, if they came to you for advice.

Example – “I would tell her to keep talking with people openly and not to hide away her feelings about her condition”. 

Notice how you feel if you practice being a best friend to yourself and talking to yourself in this way.

Focus on kind, compassionate, loving, supportive and helpful responses and advice. 


When we are better at managing our minds, it also becomes easier to behave in the ways that are truly meaningful for us.

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