The Importance of Asking for Help 

Learn that it is ok to ask for help and support from the people around you. 

You can watch the video or keep reading. 

Research shows that people who are supported in on one way or another are more likely to have an improved quality of life, sense of control or meaning around the situation, and lower rates of anxiety and depression.

If you have emotional support for instance – a chance to really talk about how you are feeling – you may fare better emotionally.

If you have functional support – people who readily help you with tasks or health-related goals such as taking your medicine or getting to the hospital or moving around – we know that you will likely feel greater control over your treatment plan and have more understanding of your illness. 


However, many people are not used to asking for functional or emotional support, and there are many reasons why.

Perhaps they are embarrassed or shy;

perhaps it is not comfortable to feel dependent or to express themselves;

perhaps they pride themselves on always being capable or independent;

they might be afraid of the reactions of others;

others may not always be available to support them, and the list goes on. 


Furthermore, sometimes when we feel worried or sad, we tend to forget all the well meaning people around us.

We get consumed with our situations, perhaps even taking people for granted.

It can feel really hard to appreciate those around us. 


Whilst there will be people who bring different forms of support to your own life at this time – for example: 

maybe your spouse is the most loving towards you;

maybe a parent offers the best advice;

maybe your friend is the one you want to drive you to the hospital,

maybe your child is the most honest with you

Take a moment to write down the top person or people who you know you can count on to be real and honest with, and who will let you be vulnerable.

If you can’t think of anyone in your immediate family / friends / community circle, then think about the medical professionals who look after you. 

Eg- Mama; Uncle; friend ….


Then write down what form of support they give you … 


Eg., Mama – gives me kind words and hugs


… and how it makes you feel. 


Eg., Mama – gives me kind words and hugs; makes me feel secure






How does it feel to know that there is someone out there for you? 


When you feel down or confused, please call upon this person or people.

If you are a person who struggles to ask for help or to talk, practice reaching out to someone anyway – just start with a very small request . We don’t want you to struggle alone.


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