Helping Others 

Helping, guiding, volunteering, inspiring and supporting others can help you feel more positive. 

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As we have learned previously, it can be really hard to see outside of our illness and personal predicament when we are stuck in our minds.

We get bored, tired, and sad with the whole routine.

However, as you probably know, there are also others out there, just like you, going through exactly the same difficult times. They may also feel like you on some days.


We know that connecting with others, even anonymously, can prove very helpful to your state of mind.

When you receive kind sentiments, positivity, encouragement or wisdom from someone going through the same as you, it can change the way you perceive things.

You get to learn that you are not alone, even if you feel like it. 


For this exercise, we would like you to tell a fellow individual with ESRD something positive, encouraging, supportive or inspiring, to help them get through the day.

Any words of wisdom which might just make their day a little brighter.

What words of advice would you like others to know about ESRD, and how they can get through it today?


Try helping someone today or doing something meaningful for someone.

It will give your brain a nice break from itself!

Activity feedback

How did the activity made you feel?

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