Finding Peace and Strength.

The Connection to Reading Religious Passages.

Learn how to find calm and comfort through spiritual practices. 

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On our journey so far, we have learned different ways to ‘turn down the volume’ on our mind, be calmer, and feel more balanced; we learned to appreciate the smallest things around us, and we learned to connect with others for our own benefit … and for theirs. 


When we think of connection, it is not just to other people though.

Many people have a strong sense of faith and a strong connection to God; a very personal connection.


This connection can sometimes transcend all the worry and doubt; providing a sense of support and comfort in darker times, even if just for brief moments. 


Some people find that, over and above their prayers, listening to a favourite or meaningful religious passage can help shift their mind to a calmer or comforting place.

Although many people may not need reminding to do things that feel good, we still know it’s important for those who are really struggling (either emotionally or physically), or who wish to work upon their relationship with God.

Listening to something meaningful or profound is actually an extension of the Senses exercise that you did in the beginning too – and the ability to simply focus on what you see or hear is very soothing to the mind.

It can even reduce our sensitivity to pain as we focus our attention elsewhere. 

For this exercise, you are asked to find your favourite religious passage online – whether it is in writing or via audio.


When you feel down, play it or read it.

Most people like to read or listen upon waking or before going to bed; but you can choose any time of day you wish.


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