Introducing uMore

The AI-powered mental well-being tracker that helps you build positive habits, change behaviours and share progress with family and physicians, it’s like FitBit but for your well-being.

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Bite-size activities with big-sized outcomes

Check-in daily to track and monitor your mental well-being, over time you will be able to see your progression day by day, the goal is to help you understand your good days, bad days and triggers. You can use uMore alone or with your safe-circle such as friends, family or even your physicians.

Check-in daily

By checking in daily you can stay in control and on top of your condition.

See your change

Our proprietary well-being index is not only personal but unique to you.

Have a safe circle

You can share and compare your data with your safety circle.

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Take control and live your best life

uMore is here to help you get that feeling you once had, that you are in control, by working towards your daily check-in you can visualize what works and what doesn’t. 

Find the words to say what you feel


It can be difficult to wait days or weeks until your next appointment, use uMore in-between consultation to track how you feel. 


Our charts help you you easily spot positive and negative trends ranging over weeks and even months.


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Individuals at risk

Living in lockdown

“Because of COVID, I’ve been isolated and not able to communicate with my friends and family. I feel like I am alone, uMore helps me understand my progression and how I am feeling. This way I can have a better conversation with my family.”

Mary, 17, UK

“I suffer from depression and I often find it hard to express to my friends and family how I’m doing. I don’t want to complain, with uMore I don’t have to ask for help as the app does it for me. I’ve needed something like this for a long time.”

Steven, 31, Denmark

“I live in Dubai and my friends are in the US, I’m worried how they are doing. I need a product like uMore to help me understand and share my progression. During COVID-19 its not just about keeping my body healthy its about keeping my mind healthy.”

Samantha, 31, UAE

An award winning technology

uMore was born from The Unite to Fight Covid-19 Startup Weekend. Our goal was to address the mental health challenges created by the global pandemic. 

Winner of the Unite to Fight COVID-19 Startup Weekend 2020 UK

Finalists of Techstars COVID-19 Innovation Bootcamp 2020 Global

in5 Tech Innovation Center Dubai, UAE, selected Startup

Coming Soon

uMore will be soon available for Android on the Google Play store 

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